Ronda Rousey Contemplates Suicide After Her Loss To Holly Holm


Ronda Rousey went from having the world at her feet to witnessing the very ground she walks on crumble beneath her soles. After losing to current UFC champion Holly Holm, Rousey was so devastated and presumably mentally unstable she thought the solution to the nightmare was to kill herself. Thankfully, the idea was short-lived as she quickly realized she had a place in this world, even one outside the ring and in the lives of her future children.

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“I looked up at my man and thought, ‘I need to have his babies, I need to stay alive,” Ronda semi-quipped after recalling her darkest moment in a sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres (below).

Nearly three months later, Rousey is back and seemingly stronger than ever before. After completing her first television interview with anyone since her UFC upset, we’re glad to hear Rousey speak out as honestly and open about her loss and the effects it had on her health. But we’re even happier to see she’s alive and well, ready move forward in a more positive state of mind.

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