Ryan Leslie Is Cutting Out The Middle Man With Innovational SuperPhone


Grammy-nominated recording artist, producer, and jack of just about all trades Ryan Leslie is taking hotline bling to an entirely new level.

Leslie’s SuperPhone, a mobile communications system which allows fans to contact the “Diamond Girl” emcee directly through his cellphone, connects him with loyal supporters of his latest MZRT project. Teaming up with artists such as Rich Homie Quan and Nipsey Hussle, Leslie is using his business and tech-savvy mastery, social media platforms and high-end industry clout to push independent artistry as the backdrop for the new business venture.

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The SuperPhone spins the concept of customer relationship marketing into personal relationship marketing with fans and supporters. This way, artists can build interpersonal, social relationships with each individual that drives currency through songs, albums, and other musical content. And who could pass up the opportunity to reach one of their favorite celebrities firsthand through his cellphone?

Topping off the celebration to Leslie’s new technology and artistry enterprise, he filmed a 10-minute screening of the story behind his development for the SuperPhone. In the video, we learn that Leslie silently pulled his music from iTunes and other digital music streaming and buying platforms to dive headfirst into this project. Revitalizing the route for independent artistry, Mr. Swiss Francs himself shows the world how he made $2 million over the past year completely removed from a record label. Since then, he’s been paving a thick money trail that has even landed him in Forbes and slated against some of the top social media messaging services like Facebook.

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Watch the #Renegades greatness explained in the video below.

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