Serena Williams Assists In Building A School In Jamaica


Serena Williams is taking her talents to Jamaica. The highly-decorated athlete visited the Caribbean nation to assist in building a school with her Serena Williams Fund foundation and Helping Hands Jamaica.

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Earlier this week, Williams helped construct the Salt Marsh Primary School and held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate this occasion, which she shared on her Instagram account.

Working and building a third school with Serena williams fund and helping hands #swf

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On the tennis front, Williams recently lost to Angelique Kerbera at the Australian Open, and amidst everyone cheering for her return to the court, she said that she’s only human and will continue to rise despite her losses.

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“Everyone expects me to win every single match, every single day of my life. And as much as I would like to be a robot, I’m not, and I try to. But I do the best that I can,” she said. “I try to win every single time I step out there, every single point, but realistically, I can’t do it. Maybe someone else can, but I wasn’t able to do it.”