Matthew A Cherry’s ‘Forward’ Proves Love Can Be Found In Unexpected Places


While you love birds cozy up with your Valentine on Valentine’s Day, filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry released a short black-and-white film about finding love in the most unexpected of circumstances and places.

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The 11 minute black-and-white clip opens with a man finding a purse on a subway. As he looks around to see if the woman it belongs to is still on the subway platform, he makes a mad dash for the doors, only for them to close on him. As he heads home, the man begins looking through the purse in hopes to find identification, and instead finds a photo and immediately becomes enamored.

The silent film then chronicles the man’s attempt at locating the woman. He goes to a bookstore and then wonders the streets for a bit before finding her home. With an original score to keep viewers enchanted, the good Samaritan places the woman’s purse in a postal service box to be shipped and right as he walks away, surprisingly meets her, only to realize what he fantasized isn’t reality.

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Fall in love while watching Cherry’s short film Forward.