LOL: ‘The Simpsons’ Hilariously Parodies Drake’s “Started From The Bottom”

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Bart Simpson, the eldest and most mischievous of the Simpson children, is getting a taste of the champagne life…or should we say the “Champagne Papi” life.

In the Feb. 21 episode of the beloved cartoon The Simpsons’ entitled “Gal of Constant Sorrow,” Bart agrees to let a homeless woman live in his closet for a fee of $1 a day, and she gives him a week’s pay in advance. After realizing his new life as a slum lord, Bart paints Springfield red with a little help from Drake.

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The montage that follows parodies the “Started From The Bottom” music video. Bart and his pal Milhouse go to a 98-cent store, and El Barto spends his newfound wealth on prodigal items such as bike tassels, stamps, and triple mint gum. He also throws wads of candy in the air, parodying the confetti storm in the 2013 visual.

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The hilarity doesn’t stop there. Bart continues to stunt on ‘em by getting the VIP treatment everywhere he goes. He’s able to walk away with free frozen yogurt and has Lunchlady Dora actually taking hygienic precautions when serving him coleslaw at school. What a time.

Check out the clip from the Simpsons and see if you can spot the similarities in the original “Started From The Bottom” video below.