T-Pain Drops The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Ballad, “Officially Yours”


The rapper-turnt-sanger known as T-Pain dropped off a new ballad just in time for Valentine’s Day. However, it’s not your average cookie cutter slow jam.

Florida’s auto-tune king splashed his signature swag all over a groovy number titled “Officially Yours.”

“I don’t think people knew,” T-Pain told Esquire this week. “People had already counted me out as a singer. I was like, what? Why didn’t people suspect that I had a wonderful voice? They thought it was all technology. I wish we did have a machine that made songs like I could do, where you just hit a button and have songs get made. But that’s not what’s happening.”

T-Pain also revealed that he has lot of new material ready to be heard. There’s about to be a Teddy Penderass flood of music.

“There’s definitely more music coming. I’ve been holding off to make sure I have the ideal situation for myself and my family,” he said. “But it’s gonna go from a trickle to a flood.”

Stream the new song below.

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(via Esquire)