Tank Discusses Kanye West’s Alleged Bedroom Preference: “A Tongue Ain’t A Finger”


Tank stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and left very little to the imagination. Sharing his thoughts on TGT’s breakup as well as Kanye West’s rumored bedroom preferences, the singer/songwriter gave one of the most candid interviews on the morning radio show in recent time. Regarding the woes of his R&B group, Tank alluded to pay cut discrepancies between Tyrese Gibson and Ginuwine, noting that Gibson’s used his movie star status to justify larger earnings.

“I think that the post kind of just spilled over. I think that Ginuwine didn’t really feel good about Tyrese making that [Instagram] post,” he said. “It caught me off guard that Ginuwine quit! We were TGT, and then all of a sudden, a couple of text messages went through, and all of a sudden we weren’t.”

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The singer also discussed his thoughts on the support garnered by white singers in comparison to black singers. Elaborating on his 2015 Instagram post in which he vented that he “should have been born white,” Tank compared Adele and Sam Smith to his own experience.

“I didn’t say I wanted to be white, I said if i was born white, things would probably be different in terms of where the music goes initially. That wasn’t a crack on white people. Because what we do know about the Adele’s and the Sam Smith’s is that their people actually show up. I’m not mad at them, and I’m not mad at the people that do show up for them. I’m just upset that we’re not showing up for each other.”

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The interview took a NSFW turn when Tank gave his opinion on Amber Rose’s commentary about Kanye West’s explicit bedroom preferences. Sharing that he doesn’t mind “putting his legs up,” the singer recalled having his salad tossed for the first time at 18 years old, and enjoying it ever since. With regard to Mr. West however, he had one strict rule.

“No utensils in the salad. You gotta have your hands behind your back if you’re gonna rock with me, real bobbing for apples type [of thing]. I don’t mind putting my legs up, that’s okay. I don’t mind […] A tongue ain’t a finger. It’s just not.”

Watch Tank hold nothing back on The Breakfast Club in the video below. The Kanye West discussion begins at the 15:33 mark.