The Anti-Beyonce Protest…Never Really Happened

The much talked about Anti-Beyonce protest going on today (Feb. 16) wasn’t so much a protest—with only about three anti-protesters showing up. The rest, were, you guessed it, members of the Beyhive.

The rally was set to take place outside of New York City’s NFL headquarters, in efforts to preach against Bey’s latest racially charged single “Formation,” and her recent Super Bowl performance. According to The Cut, for a while there was only one anti-protester on the scene—an old white man sporting a New York Giants jacket. Then, another protester by the name of Ariel Kohane joined the scene, saying he apparently heard the wrong song; because he believes “Formation” is a song declaring violence on the police. He says he’s a volunteer for the Ted Cruz campaign.

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Yet after two hours into the event, another protester arrived from Seattle named April Bedunah, who says she was there to support the police. “Why am I here? I’m here because I have many cop friends, and I respect what they do, and people need to hear that they are loved. There are bad cops who need to be thrown in jail. But there are good cops as well,” she said.

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This sparked pro-Beyonce protester, Tajh Sutton, to speak up against her stance on cops, but also it seemed like her commentary may have spurred a change on Bedunah’s mindset. “I have cop friends … of all ethnicities. And I pray for them because I worry for them, especially my black cop friends,” Sutton said. “Because race permeates that sh*t, too. Have you heard about any white cops in the last five years getting indicted for the murder of a black person?”

Later, Bedunah responded, “I understand her perspective; I definitely do. I’m going to tell my friends that they need to respect the community. They need to reach out to them and instead of being one side or the other, we need to come together.”

Regardless if “Formation” was made by Beyonce or not, Sutton says she still would have been there because an artist should not be punished for creating something so meaningful. “I think the assumption is that the people supporting Beyoncé are like these superfans that are just gonna love her and support her no matter what she does,” she said. “But I would have been out here no matter who the person was that did something like this, if they were attacked this way as a result.”

Here are some pictures below of the Anti-Beyonce protest no show via Twitter: