The Game Offers Kanye West Some Help With His Massive Debt


The Game is a very noble man. With the recent $53 million dollar debt Kanye West is under, he could really use some financial assistance. ‘Ye asked Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to invest a hefty $1 billion in his ideas, Zuckerberg has yet to comment—but Game just offered some help.

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The Compton rapper took to Twitter to let Kanye know he has his back. “Tell him I’m not Mark Zuckerberg but I got $10,000,000 to invest in his ideas if he comes to Dubai & skydives wit us tomorrow,” he tweeted.

It’s no surprise Game is offering a helping hand, considering how him and Kanye go way back; as he helped produce Game’s 2005 Documentary album. Aside from offering Kanye some money, he recently donated $1 million dollars to the Flint water crisis in Michigan, and called out other celebs like Madonna for their small contributions.

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Here are the rest of the Tweets in regards to Game’s offer to Kanye:

Game gets major kudos once again for helping out those in need.