#RichPeopleProblems: The Game Protests A $250 Steak At A Restaurant


Who says a rich rapper can’t be frugal?

After a rather expensive dining experience on Saturday night (Feb. 27), The Game took to Instagram to share the whopping grand total of his bill. Rounding out to a healthy $518, the rapper also included a lengthy caption that protested one item in particular: a $250 steak. Acknowledging that his economic status is more well-off than most, The Game also noted that the price did not sit well with regards to his humble beginnings.

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“I grew up in the projects & ain’t never in my life paid $250 for a 10 ounce steak….,” he wrote. “& the steak I just ate didn’t twerk, it didn’t talk to me & it damn sho ain’t taste like a pair of Yeezy’s…… $250 for a one mothafuckin steak…. Bishhhhh where ??? Then it say gratuity NOT INCLUDED ?? Fawk you mean…. Gratuity inside that muhfuckin steak I just ate bihhhhhhhh.”

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The Game has a history of being generous with his riches. The rapper’s “Robin Hood Project” found him donating one million dollars of his own money to people and families in need. In response to the water crisis in Flint, Mich., the rapper handed over another one million dollars to help aid those who were suffering. Most recently, The Game also offered to help Kanye West with his $53,000 debt, vowing to give the G.O.O.D. Music head honcho ten million dollars to invest (there was one small condition, however).

We’re guessing this all affords him the right to protest an insanely expensive steak, or at least not offer any gratuity. Or nah?

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