Tim Vocals Takes VIBE Back To His Block In Harlem


Tim Vocals isn’t your average R&B dude.

While there’s hundreds of singers who claim to have come from the inner city struggle, this Harlem crooner is the true definition of making something out of nothing. After losing his mother at the age of four, there would be more tough loses to come in his younger years.

The upcoming talent also lost his grandmother and twin sibling as he was coming of age. But he doesn’t use any of this as an excuse to give up. Even after spending time behind bars on several occasions, Tim tells VIBE he is a fully focused on keeping his career on track this time around.

“I see myself being someone that everyone can look up too and see a story that was organic,” Tim sats when VIBE visited his block in Harlem. Already a star in his neighborhood from his early Youtube videos shot in the project stairways, Vocals now has eyes set on taking his music to the world.

Fresh off the release of his new mixtape, the New York native is also working on a full project produced by Harry Fraud.

Watch his exclusive interview with VIBE.com below.