Tisha Campbell Martin Releases Turn Up Anthem “Lazy B*tch (This Ain’t Gina)”


Actress/singer Tisha Campbell Martin returns to the music realm with a new colorful video for her amped up track, “Lazy B*tch (This Ain’t Gina).”

The video begins with the famed actress in the booth finishing up an untitled melody. While she’s preparing to re-enter the room with her friends jamming to the tunes, producer/songwriter B Slade decides to share a track that Tisha vehemently tries to prevent. Despite her efforts to stop the song from playing, she notices that it’s a hit with her crew, including fellow actress Tasha Smith.

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The Martin co-star also explained the meaning behind her song’s title, which she said is based on a true story. During her time on an undisclosed set, Tisha said there was another woman who became jealous of the treatment Tisha received from the producing staff.

“I can’t help that I’m nice to people and I can’t help that I’m professional and I like to have fun,” she said. Tisha later stated she refrained from engaging in a dispute which almost occurred because the “newbie” wanted to get in the makeup chair first. Tisha explains the story behind the melody further below:

Now that you know how the song came to be, check out its vibrant video below.