Tyga Wants To Channel The Late Tupac When It Comes To His Privacy


There’s no denying Tyga has gotten a lot of flack since the inception of his high profile relationship with Kylie Jenner, coupled with the press he’s garnered concerning other matters involving money. Because of all the public scrutiny, the Compton rapper has become fixated on keeping his personal life private. In a recent interview with DuJour Magazine, he even mentioned Tupac in relation to his desired privacy.

“I only like people to know what I want them to know,” Tyga said. “People didn’t know what Tupac was doing. That’s why he was so iconic. Before [the Internet], it was real superstars. I don’t engage with people that much. You can’t base your life off waking up every morning like, ‘What are people saying about me now?’ Then I’d never stay in my creative headspace. I just want to put all my answers in the music.”

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In addition to the lessons Tupac left behind, Tyga says he has also learned a great deal from Kanye West. He credits the conversations he has with ‘Ye, which come with a new foundation of knowledge.

“You learn something by just having a conversation with him,” he said. “And he listens, and that’s the thing I do. I listen to everybody and then I take it and put my own thought on it. That’s just how life is. God puts us in places. It’s for you to make the decision whether you go left or right.”