Wiz Khalifa Talks ‘Khalifa’ Album & Twitter Beef With Kanye West On Hot 97


Wiz Khalifa made a quick stop at Hot 97 recently, and chopped it up with Nessa Nitty.

The “See You Again” rapper discussed everything from fatherhood to his new album, Khalifa, which hits stores this Friday (Feb. 5). Sonically, Wiz says his new project will sound very much like him—giving his fans a dosage of who he is. And it will also feature his son, Sebastian.

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The interview comes at a very interesting time for Khalifa, considering the recent spat that took place with him and Kanye West on Twitter. In addition, a selfie recently surfaced on Instagram of Kim Kardashian and his ex-wife, Amber Rose together. It’s safe to say now, that the beef between all the parties involved is squashed. Wiz said he got on the phone with Kanye, and everything is settled. But when asked if there might be a future collaboration between the two, Wiz says a friendship needs to happen first.

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During the interview, Wiz also mentioned how difficult it was to deal with his break-up with Amber under the public eye. Still, he says the two work together on co-parenting Sebastian.

Watch the full interview above.