Yo Gotti & His Mother Tell Their Street Stories On ‘Born Hustler’ Documentary


When it comes to dropping believable big money talk in the form of street raps — before the rap deals — not too many people are as official as Memphis native Yo Gotti. Real talk, the CMG boss bought his way out of two record deals which nearly cost a half-million dollars each. I’m just saying your favorite rapper probably can’t do that.

With Gotti’s eighth album The Art of Hustle (Epic) hitting the ‘Net today, the “I Am” rapper unleashed this fourteen minute, riveting documentary, Born Hustler. Cameras head out to North Memphis with Gotti, Momma Gotti, his aunties and brothers as they tell stories of his mother and her sisters used move packs through Memphis.

“My mom real big, she real known in North Memphis. She like our John Gotti really, in our neighborhood. She supplied a lot of people in our apartments so it was like she had that respect,” Gotti’s older brother Anthony Mims said.

You can watch Born Hustler above.