Young Thug Says He Wishes The Game’s Daughter Was His Kid, The Game Responds


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Utilizing his weird knack for complimenting people’s children, Young Thug posted a photo of The Game’s daughter, Cali Dream, and noted that she is “such a cutie.” Adding on his wish that the 5-year-old was his own kid, the Atlanta rapper also complimented her eyes. The Game – who is sensitive of the comments people have about his children – retorted with a seemingly sarcastic comment of his own after the post was deleter.

“Aye, you ain’t have to delete the post thug… I appreciate you for the compliment on @LittleMissCaliDream… In fact, you daughter cute too bruh – Sincerely, The Game,” he wrote.

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The exchange of compliments comes just months after the two rappers weren’t exactly seeing eye-to-eye. In response to Thugger’s very public feud with Lil Wayne, The Game offered to handle the issue personally. “My ni**a Tune ain’t never been Hollywood, he just been Hollygrove, ni**a,” he said on stage. “You know what the f**k it is ni**a, Westside in this motherf**ker. Anybody f**kin’ with Tune got a f**kin’ problem with me. I will f**k Young Thug up, on Piru, nigga.” The threat led to an Instagram beef and more on-stage shots by The Game.

The Game doubled down on his subtle reply with another post, issuing a more direct warning to Thug. Posting a photo of his daughter, he captioned the photo: “Good night beautiful baby. Rest comfortably knowing your father would give his LIFE in your honor. #YouveBeenWarned #PlayWithThisOneIfYouWantTo #illTradeItAllForHer #NoRegrets”

Welp. Looks like The Game isn’t playing about his baby girl. Peep their latest comments to each other below:

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