Zac Posen Supports The Push For Diversity In Fashion During NYFW


Zac Posen made a bold statement during New York Fashion Week and for all the right reasons.

For this seasons showcase, which was inspired by Ugandan Princess Elizabeth of Toro, 25 of the 33 models that walked his runway show were black. Tasha Moore and Viviane Oliveira were amongst the beautifully complected gals that were chosen.

Since the inspiration was Elizabeth of Toro it made sense to have a casting reflecting this,“ Posen told CNN Style. “Their presence and the diversity of the casting complimented the collection and made it more striking.”

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In addition to his catwalk that showcased a colorful spectrum of beauties, Posen posted a photo of him posed with Ashley B. Chew’s “Black models matter” bag. “#BlackModelsMatter #womanofcolormatter #Diversity is what makes the world beautiful and inspiring!” his caption read.

Mr. Posen, you did that!