This Afro-Colombian, Slave-Avenging Superhero Aims To Defeat Oppression


As superhero films and TV series continue to enlighten the imaginations of comic connoisseurs around the globe, a new visual adaptation is set to finally give Latin American citizens a new superhero they can claim as their own. Disney and Fox Colombia are planning to bring Colombian author Nicholas Rodríguez’s crime-fighting prince Zambo Dendé to the silver screen.

Zambo Dendé is an indigenous, martial arts master from the 16th century who is willing to battle to the death in the name of freedom and liberty. As a direct descendent of an African king, Dendé is destined to rewrite history by ensuring that his people don’t succumb to the tyranny of European oppressors.

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The show takes place during a period when superheroes were desperately needed but nowhere to be found. As downtrodden slaves suffer at the hands of their merciless owners, Dendé serves as the driving force necessary to bring down the imperial powers and liberate his people.

Although comic book fiends are well aware of the Afro-Colombian warrior, eager fans of Zambo Dendé are one step closer to receiving the film. Chilean martial-arts phenom Marko Zaror plays “Zambo” and joins the likes of Michelle Charlene Lee, Tait Fletcher and Esteban Cueto who also star in the film.

No release date has been confirmed. Watch the trailer for “Zambo Dendé” below.