50 Cent Apparently Poses With Fake Money On Instagram


Although 50 Cent’s money-filled photos on Instagram earn him a lot of likes and comments, life doesn’t seem to be as lavish as he stunts. According to the rapper, the money isn’t real. In fact, it’s merely racks on racks of counterfeits, the Hartford Courant reports.

Rumors of Fifty’s financial woes first came into question last year amidst his bankruptcy court case, in which he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While many entrepreneurs and celebrities have filed for bankruptcy to adjust their finances including Walt Disney and a division of Trump Hotels, Fifty’s true finances came into question as the rapper proceeded to upload photos of him drowning in stacks of cash.

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After a judge caught on to what appeared to be a scheme, the court ordered for an explanation and for full transparency as the case proceeded. And according to court documents, the Queens native set the truth free, admitting that the money in the photos were props. He also revealed that the countless cars and finer items were rented.

Admittedly, this is probably a bad look for the rapper who once held a net worth of $155 million, but this minor setback in his image may be a platform for a major comeback. If not, it’s definitely a lesson that not everything you see on social media is true.

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