Angie Martinez Reveals Memoir Details, J. Cole Pens Foreword


Toni Morrison said it best: “write the book you want to read.” That’s exactly what Angie Martinez has done in My Voice, a memoir and historical documentation of the last 20 years of hip-hop radio through her own eyes. “There’s some s**t to learn from people who’ve been in this game for over 15 years,” she said to Rap Radar. “It’s OK to take a minute and reflect to tell these stories, because radio is not really documented well.”

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Martinez chronicles some of the most momentous interviews in rap history, including a controversial conversation with the late Tupac Shakur and ones with Jay Z and R. Kelly, respectively. In her most personal piece of work to date, Martinez also writes about her individual experiences in a climate where hip-hop was in a state of becoming.

After soliciting quotes from some of her most esteemed colleagues, the Voice of New York received a well articulated and emotional response from longtime friend and rapper J. Cole that she ultimately used as the book’s foreword.

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“What he says is so – I can’t even read it to somebody without getting choked up,” she said. “He just f**king nailed it because it’s not just about me, but people like me and our careers and what this game means to us. He hadn’t even read the book yet and he just wrote the perfect foreword for what my conversation was… I’m just so grateful for his presence in the game.”

My Voice hits shelves May 17.

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