Bette Midler Has The Last Word And Fires Back At Kim Kardashian-West


By now you should all be well aware of Bette Midler and her vicious Twitter fingers. Monday evening, the seasoned Hollywood actress and singer took aim at Kim Kardashian West for a nude selfie that began to surface online.

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In an unsurprising move, Mrs. West issued a response that left many wondering if her hubby or little sister Khloe Kardashian stole her phone to let off a few clever quips. Per North and Saint’s mama, it was indeed Kim K. #WhoKnew.

Well, the Divine Mrs. M wasn’t about to let a clap back be issued and she not respond. Tuesday evening (March 8) Midler hopped back on Twitter to in essence tell Kim lighten up.

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Hopefully this squabble between Bette and Kim ends here…but we still want Bette Midler to flourish on Twitter.