Black Donald Trump Supporter Viciously Attacks Protester At Rally In Arizona


Unfortunately, it’s probably not shocking anymore, but another rally for the GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, broke out into a series of violent attacks. A Trump supporter assaulted a protester as they were being escorted out of the rally that afternoon.

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The protester, Bryan Sanders, was kicked out of the rally at 3pm on Saturday (Mar. 19) after holding a Trump head overlayed with a Confederate flag and chanting “liar”  amongst a fired-up crowd. The attack, which was caught on video that has since gone viral, shows Sanders being escorted out of the rally. Tony Pettway, the alleged attacker, is seen landing over five sucker punches to Sanders’ jaw and stomping on him  before the officers were able to grab him, according to the New York Daily News.

“I feel great that I’m not dead, but I am definitely in physical pain,” Sanders said about the attack. Sanders is being treated for a swollen jaw and a bruised ribcage following the incident. Despite the injuries, Sanders doesn’t seem to be taking it personal. “I have nothing against the guy that attacked me. I don’t know him. He’s just an angry person and his anger is being accentuated by the political movement,” he said.

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Pettway, who was detained after the incident, is facing a misdemeanor, assault charge for the alleged attack. While the video of the attack may be shocking to some, this was only one of many attacks that broke out during the Tuscon, Arizona rally and other Trump rallies around the coasts. Trump protesters and Arizona resident barricaded three-lane roads leading to Phoenix in opposition of the candidate. Their protest also unleashed a series of violent events, which ended in three arrests.

Check out the video from the Trump rally in Arizona below.