Carmelo Anthony Claps Back At Heckler During Knicks Game


The New York Knicks lost to the Portland Trailblazers Tuesday night (Mar. 1), 104-85. An overzealous fan was not very happy that the team suffered such an upset, and persisted to heckle Carmelo Anthony, according to ESPN. However, the small/power forward was not here for it, and directed the heckler towards someone who could help him get a refund- the owner of the Knicks, James Dolan, who was sitting a few rows behind him.

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“He kept calling my name, calling my name, saying ‘You guys suck, you guys suck,'” Anthony told the press after the game. The fan himself was escorted out by security.

“At that point I was trying to gather myself and I turned around, all I did was point at Dolan and told him, ‘Look, the owner’s right there. Ask for your money back.’ He’s calling me and telling me he’s never coming to another game and we suck. Just don’t want to hear that. I pointed to the owner and told him you deal with that with him, maybe you can get your money back.”

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It’s been another rough year for the Knicks. However, Melo is hoping that the team’s competitive spirit stays alive despite the shortcomings they’ve suffered.

“I don’t want to lose that competitive edge as a team because that could easily happen at times like this. We don’t want to lose that.”