Celebrities Speak Out Against Donald Trump
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#DumpTrump: 20 Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out Against Donald Trump

Here are the rappers, actors, and activists taking a stand against Donald Trump. 

By now, many people have made it clear that by large, they are not here for whatever Donald Trump is dishing out. Since Trump first announced his running for president, rappers, athletes, actors, and activists have been taking a stand against him, citing many of his racist comments and outrageous campaign strategies as reason to get up and vote in opposition.

And aside from a few stragglers – including Azealia Banks and Stacey Dash – who have seemingly opted in favor of the Republican candidate, many Hollywood leaders and industry artists have been very vocal in their distaste for the Trump party. John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Russell Simmons, and Muhammad Ali have all spoken out against Trump for President. And their voices have been met by some young influencers including Becky G, Mac Miller, and Metro Boomin.

But whether they are opposing his views on Mexicans, Muslims, or other words of racism, there seems to be one, central theme: #DumpTrump. Here are some of the voices in hip hop turning the cold shoulder to Donald Trump.


Jeezy was one of the first rappers to speak about his distaste for Donald Trump. In a series of hot-fueled tweets, The Church in the Streets rappers explained that Trump was making a "mockery of the presidential candidacy to help build his personal brand."

"We don't need @DonaldTrump representing us as americans. His hatred in his most recent statements shows he's not a legitimate candidate," he tweeted.

Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka also had a mouthful to say about Trump's presidential campaign. Mr. Flame unleashed a series of tweeted in response to Trumps bigoted comments about Mexican immigrants. "F***ck Donald Trump!" Waka tweeted. "I wonder how many hardworking Mexicans built those #trumptowers #patheticman!!!!," he fired out, "minorities build this country #USA."

Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean dropped the f-bomb in Trump's direction as well during his concert show in Pamona, California. "F*** Donald Trump if he don't like the Mexicans," the former Fugees member chanted to a crowded venue.

Meek Mill

Everyone knows Meek Mill doesn't bit his tongue when it comes to what he believes in, and this was no different. On Twitter, the Philly rapper blatantly called Trump a racist after his comment toward Barrack Obama. ""It's clear @realdonaldtrump been racist..saying our "African American president" it's plain to see! We won't miss u when u perish!," he wrote.

Chris Brown

On Instagram, CB penned a longwinded post towards Donald Trump, calling him a pig for his racist comments towards minorities. " F*** TRUMP AND F*** THE PIGS🐷🐷🐷🐷!," said CB. "TO SEE THIS EVIL SHIT IS SO WRONG! GOD WILL HAVE HIS REVENGE!" he wrote, "WHO THE F*** U THINK CLEANS YOUR HOTELS AND WORKS HARD TO FEED A WHOLE FAMILY. US"!

#PressPlay: #ChrisBrown speaks on latest black protestor assault at #DonaldTrump's rally

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Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons, who has previously done business with Donald Trump, published an open letter to ask his "old friend" to "stop the bulls***!" The RushCard exec also penned an open letter to Trump, asking him to "stop fueling fires of hate." "I will be campaigning rigorously against you." he concluded.

Mac Miller

Mac Miller is yet another artist in protest against the Trump campaign. Over the years, Miller has been very vocal about his hatred, even calling Trump a d***head on Twitter, which resulted in a short feud. Also, during an interview on The Nightly Show in March of 2015, Mac expressed his fear for a country run by Trump. "“Your only goal is to stay in the spotlight no matter how much it fuels the fire of hate groups that you apparently know nothing about like the KKK and neo-Nazis. You have people at your rallies who openly assault black teenage girls because hey, that’s American. The messed up thing is I don’t really know if you’re evil. I think you’re just such an egomaniacal attention-thirsty psychopathic power-hungry delusional waste of skin and bones that you’ll do, say or allow anything if it means you’ll just get one more minute in the limelight," he said.

Metro Boomin

Metro Boomin kept it short, sweet, and to the point when he tweeted, "I don't trust Donald Trump." His simple tweeted unleashed a lot of buzz on Twitter because of the reference in Kanye 's Father Stretch My Hands." He later followed that claim, by retweeting photos of protestors at the Trump rallies.

they turnt up in Chicago today

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Raury also isn't a fan of Trump. The XXL Freshman spoke with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, saying "“Trump embodies separation, solving problems with anger, fear, and personal differences." The indie rapper wore an anti-Trump shirt on stage.

A photo posted by raury (@raury) on

John Legend

John Legend called Trump a racist during his mini feud with Donald Trump's son, Trump Jr. Trump's son made a comment on Chicago protesters not being able to answer why they were protesting, and Legend stepped in to answer for them. "I think they were protesting your racist father. This isn't complicated," Legend answered. "Here we go again," Trump said. But the singer fired back, "It’s just the answer when racist racists are saying racist shit and are endorsed by the KKK."

Chrissy Teigen

John Legend wasn't the only one the household firing back against trump. Chrissy Teigen also shut down the Trump campaign when she responded to Trump's tweet about how his meeting with African American pastors was not a press event. "So don't tweet about it you twat," she said.

#ChrissyTeigen vs #DonaldTrump 😩😩😩 #ClapBackSeason !!

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Kerry Washington

Although Kerry Washington has not made blatant claims against Trump, she has showed her support to stand against him. The Scandal star tweeted her support for the organization that was moving to #StopHateDumpTrump. “Join me + #EveEnsler, @harrybelafonte, @sandylocks, @MMFlint and @thandienewton to say enough #StopHateDumpTrump,” she tweeted.


Common has blasted Donald Trump and the media for their coverage of his presidential campaign. "I feel like the integrity of the media is gone in many areas because when you choose to just be like, 'Ok, we're gonna show this Donald Trump because we know it's about numbers,'" he told HuffPost Live. The Chicago rapper also criticized Trump for his comments against Mexicans.

Becky G

As a Mexican American, Becky G chose not to bite her tongue in silence on Trump racist comments. In an effort to fire back against Trump, the young singer released a song "We Are Mexico." She dedicated the single to Trump, saying, "This is for you."

Charlamagne Tha God

Charlamagne isn't here for Trump either. In disgust of Trump's campaign, The Breakfast Club host interviewed with Sirius XM's The Karen Hunter Show to share a few words on the subject. "The soul of the country is at stake in this election. That’s all he’s doing, is preying directly on [poor white people],” he said." He also compared Trump bumper stickers to the Confederate flag. “Trump bumper sticker is the new Confederate flag. Absolutely. All Donald Trump is doing is making America hate again.”

Tamar Braxton

Here's a familiar phrase, "You are a racist!" Tamar Braxton said about Donald Trump on her show, The Real. The youngest Braxton says that Trump's campaign is setting the pace for how the country would be run. "You are already showing everybody who you are," she said in disgust.


Tyrese penned an open letter to Donald Trump following his previous "antics." The Fast and Furious actor brought to attention the fact that his campaign has offended so many different ethnicities, cultures, and religions, including Muslims. You’ve offended my #Muslim community, and created racial boundaries and set my people up for hate crimes and to be targeted for bigotry because of the “acts” of some,” he wrote. “This is for sure the most narcissistic self and family sabotage filled presidential campaign I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime,” he declared. “This is NOT how you make America great again"

This really breaks my heart...... And inspires me at the same time....... The Muslim community decided to come together and pray IN FRONT of the #TRUMPTOWERS in NYC - Open note to Trump.... He has no idea of what's about to happen......... He has mastered the art of winning #Battles..... But he's for sure going to lose the #WAR........ The antics and the gimmicks look good and feel good right? Got you really thinking your doing it right?? ......... But when it's really time? #WATCH America show you how we #REALLY feel...... And we're not talking about manipulated pole numbers....... United we stand.... Together we fall...... You've offended my #Muslim community, and created racial boundaries and set my people up for hate crimes and to be targeted for bigotry because of the "acts" of some.... Islam is PEACE..... THE ACTS OF SOME of ANY GROUP doesn't justify you spreading hate towards ALL of my people in the Muslim and or Arab community.... I'm deeply hurt and bothered by your antics and hatred towards my Muslim and Arab people.... You've offended my Latin community, you've offended my african American community - You will see........ This is NOT how you make America great again...... This is for sure the most narcissistic self and family sabotage filled presidential campaign I've ever witnessed in my lifetime....... It's going to take forever for your daughter who I think is brilliantly smart to recover from the land mines......... I feel bad for anyone in this country right now with the last name #Trump - when it's all said and done and the smoke clears.... You will remember what I said....... This is NOT how you make America great again...... I'm speaking on behalf of the #Human and all religious and spiritual and sexual preferences you must be and will be stopped - #VotesDontLie the real people of America is going to show up and stop you when it counts the most... #votingday

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Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony slammed the republican party and Donald Trump during one of his concerts at Madison Square Garden. "F*** Donald Trump!" he shouted to a roaring crowd.

Muhammad Ali

Following Donald Trump comments toward Muslims, Muhammad Ali prompted for the nation to take a stand against anti-Islamic speech. We as Muslims have to stand up to those who use Islam to advance their own personal agenda,” he said to NBC News. “They have alienated many from learning about Islam. True Muslims know or should know that it goes against our religion to try and force Islam on anybody.”


Tip is one of the latest celebrities who chose not to mince words when it came to Donald Trump. Following a weekend of rallies gone awry, the rapper took to Instagram to “non-violently and unapologetically” say to the Republican candidate: F**k you and f**k what you stand for. Nobody who supports me will support you. End of message.”

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