Chris Brown Goes All The Way Off On Kevin McCall

How many times has Chris Brown held his tongue? (Don’t worry, we’ll wait) So it’s no surprise that when former friend and “Deuces”collaborator Kevin McCall took to Twitter to speak on a business matter the two allegedly needed to handle, Brown swiftly reacted the way we know him to.

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McCall didn’t stop there. He continued his rant by instructing Brown’s loyal fanbase #TeamBreezy to not support him or his music.

Brown got wind of McCall’s comments and took to Instagram to get a few things off his chest.

Brown’s pettiness knew no bounds Wednesday night (March 9) and followed up his scathing Instagram post with a meme.

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McCall attempted to blame the media for the beef brewing between him and his former collaborator.

Are R&B beefs the new thing now?