El Chapo’s Wife Says He’s “Incapable Of Threatening” Donald Trump


Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán’s third wife Emma Coronel Aispuro claims her husband would never make threats toward Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Coronel recently broke her silence about her relationship with the criminal mastermind in a thorough interview with Univision. Coronel felt the need to open up since she believes her husband “could die in the Altiplano prison.”

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Coronel claims the Altiplano authorities are “killing him slowly” with sleep deprivation. The guards allegedly “torture” him by waking him every two hours at night for roll call. Reportedly, when Guzmán does speak, they keep him up with loud conversations or noises outside his cell.

Along with detailing the first time she met her husband, Coronel also shoots down several dirty rumors that have circulated throughout international media. She clarified that Sean Penn, Mexican actress Kate del Castillo and their film crew did not accept money from Guzmán for helping him tell his story.

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When asked about El Chapo’s alleged threat towards Donald Trump, the 26-year-old dispelled the rumor and said Trump “gives himself too much importance, [Guzmán] would be incapable of threatening anyone, even him.”

Read her interview in full.