There Is A Petition To Have Fetty Wap Perform “Trap Queen” At Nancy Reagan’s Funeral

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan just died on Sunday (Mar. 6), and the Internet is already up to its tricks. It was reported that Reagan, who was 94 years old, succumbed to congestive heart failure. To commemorate her life, one user proposes a performance by Fetty Wap at her funeral. Which song? You guessed it: “Trap Queen.” The petition cites the American crack epidemic during President Ronald Reagan’s administration, and points to Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign as the reason for the current “school-to-prison pipeline.”

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“While her husband, Ronald Reagan, was linking up with Papi to flood the streets with narcotics, Nancy was on TV telling kids to ‘Say No To Drugs,’” the campaign reads. “Her infamous “anti-drug” phrase encouraged strict laws on drug possession that led to a school-to-prison pipeline we’re still dealing with now.”

Power 105.1 host Charlamagne Tha God echoed similar sentiments while addressing the death of Nancy Reagan, leaving sympathy for the former First Lady on the back burner. In an Instagram post Charlamagne referred to her as the “OG Trap Queen:”

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Did President Ronald Reagan permit the sale of tons of cocaine into the American inner city during the height of the crack crisis? did he turn a blind eye to the Iran-Contra affair’s web of gun-running, terror support and narcotrafficking. Did he facilitate a problem and then let his wife get famous with a simple solution “Just Say No???” Was Nancy Reagan the OG Trap Queen??? I don’t know I’m just relaxing until the Lakers and Warriors game comes on but ummmmm Rest In Peace….

The petition would like to “usher her to a better place…where she’s probably cooking pies with her baby.” Read it in full here.