Inglewood’s Girls Scouts Troop 5215 Reportedly Never Received Part Of The Academy’s $65,000 Donation


There’s a new tradition of sharing food at the annual Academy Awards. In 2014 Ellen DeGeneres had an impromptu pizza party with actors and actresses, and more recently Chris Rock’s partnership with the Girl Scouts and their widely-popular cookies (shoutout to all the Samoas), to raise money for their organization. Actors swiftly gave their dollars to get their hands on a box of Thin Mints or Tagalongs and support the national organization.

Nearing the finale of the award showcase, Rock returned to the stage with the beaming young girls to reveal that they raised over $65,000 for the L.A. sector of the association, a feat that had everyone in attendance standing on their feet in jubilation. But one girl scout’s mother, Latoya Edwards, whose daughter was part of the Inglewood Troop 5215 in attendance at the award show, states that the Greater L.A. Council of the National Girl Scout outlet have yet to see a dime of the money which was reportedly donated by the Academy, TMZ notes.

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Edwards also revealed that if they were to receive a portion of the money, they would only gain $1,000 due to nonprofit rules within the local chapter. In a statement issued by Girl Scouts of America, “The donation process is determined by local councils.”

There’s no word on when the donation will be cleared.