A Ricky Baker Go Fund Me Page Was Created 25 Years After His Fictional Death

On March 21, 2016, a whole 25 years after Morris Chestnut’s fictional character Ricky Baker was gunned down during a drive by shooting in John Singleton’s classic Boyz N The Hood, Ant Garrett created a Go Fund Me page in hopes to raise $5,000 for his funeral expenses.

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That’s right, Internet. On March 21, 2016 we–as in the human race–officially decided we hate the Internet. In Garrett’s opening description, the Toledo, OH resident said the money will not only help Ricky’s mother bury her child (because Ricky’s body must still be on the living room couch, riddled with bullets holes) but the rest will go to his 1-year-old son who is now a 25 year old man.

He was planning on using his talents to get out the rigors of South Central.  He had big plans for his life but his life was cut short in a drive-by shooting by a rival gang he had no parts of.  He leaves behind a 1-year old son.  The expenses will be used to put in a fund that will mature into more funds for when his son graduate High School to follow in his dad’s footsteps.  Thank you.

Despite the Go Fund Me page being shared nearly 3,000 times, Garrett has only been able to raise $30 towards his $5,000 goal. Users, obviously not falling for the jig, commented with a plethora of LOLs or the ever so apropos “I truly hate the Internet” followed by more LOLs or LMAOs.

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Golden Brown Papilion made the obvious connection by noting a quarter century has passed, and Ricky’s body maybe dust.

“Really?! Ricky has turned into ashes by now.. lol,” she said.

User Nairobi Kenyatta also couldn’t believe there was an actual Go Fund Me page and took out her frustration accordingly.

“Ricky, I didn’t know you but I’m throwing punches at the air in your honor tonight.”
March 21st will truly go down in history as the day we realized that y’all indeed play too too much.