Hillary Clinton Issues Statement On Protests At Donald Trump’s Rallies


Donald Trump’s recent national rallies have been met with various demonstrations in opposition to his policies. Additionally, Trump’s supporters have taken it upon themselves to enact physical assaults on certain protestors.

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The incidents have prompted responses from fellow politicians, this time including Hilary Clinton. The former Secretary of State wrote on her Twitter account that anger should be put aside and “use our words and deeds to bring Americans together.”

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Clinton also referenced the tragic shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston, South Carolina that left nine people dead last year. “The families of those victims came together and melted hearts in the statehouse and the confederate flag came down. That should be the model we strive for to overcome painful divisions in our country.”

For Clinton’s policies and actions, the former First Lady has received support from various actresses, rallying behind the potential presidential candidate with hopes of seeing the first woman president.