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Jay Z’s ‘Blueprint’ Albums Have Been Removed From TIDAL’s Streaming Competition

Jay Z really wants you to sign up for TIDAL. A Spotify rep told Pitchfork that the Jigga Man has removed all three ‘Blueprint’ albums (The Blueprint, The Blueprint 2: The Gift And The Curse and The Blueprint 3) from their streaming service, and it has been discovered that Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon and iTunes are no longer carrying the albums either.

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“Jay Z’s Blueprint albums have not been available on any streaming service except Tidal for a few months now,” the rep said. “We hope he brings them back soon so that his millions of fans on Spotify can enjoy them again.”

Last year, his debut album Reasonable Doubt disappeared from Spotify but remained on Tidal, however, it has since returned to non-Tidal services.

We see you, Jay.

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