Message From The Future: Kanye West Says He Will Never Release CDs Again

If you were sitting on your hands waiting for the physical release of Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo, sit no longer. Taking to Twitter, Yeezy made a very important announcement on Monday (Mar. 7): he will not be releasing his albums in CD-form ever again. Beginning his bomb drop with a nice greeting, “hi everybody!,” West let the masses down easy by stating that Yeezus was his last compact disc:

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Back in February, The New York Times reported that West was planning to drop a deluxe physical version of TLOP. An unnamed source reportedly tipped the newspaper off, but never offered a date for when the project would hit stores. Looks like a date wasn’t given because one doesn’t exist. West shared that he is already working on a follow-up to his seventh studio release, tentatively titled Turbo Grafx 16. If West’s word stands, this will also be a streaming-only release.

One fan so far has raised a very good point in reaction to the news:

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