The Paparazzi Gave Kanye West A Ride Home From The Gym

Kanye West has had a long, oftentimes bumpy relationships with the paparazzi. Most notably his 2013 physical altercation with a celebrity photographer outside of LAX airport that resulted in assault charges, which were later settled outside of court. But those days are behind the “Ultralight Beam” artist who decided to hitch a ride home with one from the gym Tuesday (March 15)

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After a upper-body workout session, a cameraman spotted North and Saint’s father waiting for a ride, and instead of trying to get details on his forthcoming project or clothing line, he did the kind thing and asked if he needed a lift. Mr. West, obviously in a good mood (or running late) accepted his request.

“OK, I’ll ride with you then,” he said. “I don’t need Uber anymore. I just have the paps take me where I want to go.”

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After Kanye got out of the car, the kind fellow asked Kanye what message–if any did he have–for his fans to which he responded “I love you and let’s make the world a better place.”

When Kanye’s in a good mood it’s the bees-knees.