Let Me Explain: Katt Williams Addresses On-Stage Brawl


It’s been one┬ácrazy week for the embattled comedian Katt Williams. He made some underhanded comments geared at fellow funnyman Kevin Hart, had an altercation with a pool store clerk who allegedly called him the N-word, was accused of holding five women at gunpoint and stealing their phones and was jumped by a group of men at a Beanie Sigel concert.

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However, he ain’t got no worries.

In a video posted by WorldStarHipHop on Monday (Mar. 7), the 42-year-old comedian was recorded sitting at a table and wearing a face mask. He addresses the Beanie brawl and his retirement from the comedy game, all while speaking in the third person.

“The word on the street is that after Beanie Sigel’s show…the reason Katt Williams is no longer doing comedy…Katt Williams got his a** whooped,” he started before taking off his face mask and taking a sip of Gatorade to address what really happened.

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“‘They beat Katt Williams a** at a club, and then they robbed him,'” he said while mimicking his haters in a deep voice. “Now, Katt Williams, at his show at the Liacouras Center, said to the fans, ‘it’s getting to the point right now where you can’t believe what you see or believe what you hear.'”

He also pointed out to the viewer that his face is neither bloodied nor bruised, proving that he wasn’t injured in the brawl, and that he is still talking “as reckless” as he was talking at the show the evening before.

“Now, I ain’t gon’ say that all I took was W’s in that club tonight, I ain’t sayin’ they didn’t land a few L’s on a ni**a,” he added. However, his “W” is that the people involved in the brawl missed out on snagging $50,000 worth of earrings, a $75,000 Rolex and two chains from Williams.

Check out the video below.