Katt Williams Allegedly Held Five Women At Gunpoint And Stole Their Phones


A sizeable allegation has been lobbied against Katt Williams, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

According to a press conference held by attorney Loletha Hale on Wednesday (Mar. 2), the comedian is being accused of holding a group of five women at gunpoint, physically assaulting them and stealing their phones. The woman, Salena Boston, claims that Williams was with 15 members of his crew at his time, and that the incident occurred at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday (Feb. 28). Boston says that Williams agreed to take photos with her and her group of friends–who were visiting Atlanta–and that he grew angry when one her friends began filming. She also says that Williams punched her.

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The press conference was held at the Atlanta police headquarters. Hale is also holding police responsible for failing to investigate the incident. The officers reportedly cuffed Williams, but did not arrest him.

“The police should have conducted a thorough investigation,” Hale said. “They should have retrieved these young ladies’ cellphones at the very least.”

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Atlanta police Sgt. Warren Pickard responded to Hale’s claims. “Upon responding to the scene, the officers were not able to determine what occurred due to conflicting testimony by all parties and a lack of an independent witness,” he said. “Based on the information they had in real time and the totality of the circumstances, the officer used their discretion to not arrest anyone on the scene.”

Williams was arrested on Monday (Feb. 29) after an altercation with a pool store clerk in Georgia. The comedian claims that the clerk stole $1500 of his money, and called him the N-word. He reportedly punched the clerk and then assumed the position for his arrest in the street.