Katt Williams Says His Latest Misfortunes Are Because He’s Black


After being arrested on different counts of drug and weapon possession, and alleged assault charges, it seems Katt Williams is reflecting his guilt onto the system. Williams stated that Atlanta authorities have been targeting him specifically because he is black, according to his latest interview.

As he reemerged from prison after a police raid which uncovered illegal guns and drugs in his home, Williams answered a few questions regarding his misfortunes with WSBTV. “I am just like most Christians, under daily attack, but somehow holding up well. God’s grace is wonderful and we’ll have our day in court and we will be exonerated. We already have zero convictions.” He said.

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When asked if it was tough to deal with the scrutiny, Katt said it comes with the job.”I’ve been famous for twenty years, he stated, “you don’t get to take the blessings and the perks of it and then complain about the fact that you can’t go anywhere unnoticed.”  He concluded the brief interview by explaining the difference between him and other celebrities who have dealt with similar issues. “If you’re a white celebrity, it’s ‘swatting’ and they don’t let it happen. If you’re a black celebrity, they haven’t invented the word yet, but hopefully they will,” he stated.

Watch Katt Williams’ interview below.