Katt Williams Reportedly Had A Prior Dispute With 7th Grader During Soccer Match


Katt Williams’ name surfaced to the top of everyone’s news feed today (March 23) after he engaged in a physical altercation with a seventh grader. There were minimal details to the occurrence, just a 90-second video of Williams and the junior high school student exchanging words before he placed the comedian in a headlock.

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Now, a full video popped up on YouTube which shows another angle on what exactly happened. At the beginning of the video, parents watch on as their kids play a game of soccer, alongside Williams. All looks good and well with Williams playing in the match-up, which intrigued one of the spectators as they’re heard saying “he got the skills!”

The suspected cameraman then said something that no one thought would happen. “I’m surprised he ain’t fighting nobody,” he said, when a person next to him replied, “Who do you think he’s going to fight out here?” Welp, it looks like they spoke a little too soon.

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A couple minutes into the game, Williams is seen exchanging inaudible words with the seventh grader while they walk off the field to the location we all viewed in the initial Facebook video. It’s still unclear as to what sparked Williams’ jab, but see if you can decipher by watching the full video below.