Premiere: Kay Anthony Revisits High School’s Dark Past In His “Disappointment” Video


Way before millennials and campaigns shed light on bullying, a lot of kids were experiencing rough times in high school. Kay Anthony in particular had a hard time, citing constant criticism “for every little thing” as the primary cause. But instead of letting the criticism get to him, Anthony turned the negative energy in to a positive video, “The Disappointment.”

The video, which is shot in black and white presents a retro feel, as it follows the artist around the streets through a static lens. As he poetically recites lines like, “He ain’t never going to be s***. He dropped out. How do the f*** does he read? He’s a failure. Honestly, he and tailored for this life,” he points out remarks made against him.

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“I care what others thought about me at that point in my life, which created so much anger and animosity in my lyrics,” Anthony said. The track, which was produced by him in collaboration with live saxophone player, MABS, clearly illustrates those frustrations and emotions built up from his past.

As he wraps up with remembering the past, he concludes the video by warning those who judged him about the big things to come in the future. “In high school they thought he was weird because he was quiet, plottign world domination, preparing to win a Grammy nomination. And if it’s the way you perceive me, don worry, one day you’ll believe me.”

Check out Kay Anthony’s video for “Disappointment” below.

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