Watch As Michael Jackson Leaves Oprah Winfrey Mesmerized With His Beatbox


It’s widely known and accepted as fact that Michael Jackson was (and probably still is) the greatest entertainer of all time. (Shh, don’t tell Kanye) Yet despite the many classic songs, the intricate and fun to watch choreography and the undeniable stage presence, Michael Jackson also had one of the world’s best beatboxes.

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In a 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey, the talk show host asks MJ to sing for her. Jackson attempts to shun the idea, coming off as too shy to sing in front of Winfrey, but soon rises to the impromptu occasion.

“I want you to sing something a cappella for us,” she asks. “Sing “Who Is It?” You know, do that whole beat thing.”

Transforming into the superstar entertainer he is, Jackson begins the complex beatbox for his 1991 hit “Who Is It” about his love who leaves him for someone else. The pop hit is one of many from his Dangerous album, which boasted singles such as “Black or White” “Heal The World” and “Remember The Time” featuring the star-studded Eddie Murphy, supermodel Iman, and Magic Johnson.

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Watch MJ give Ms. Winfrey a morsel of his artistry in this 23 year old video.

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