Mobb Deep Is Set To Perform ‘The Infamous’ Live With A Jazz Band

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Legendary rap group Mobb Deep announced that they will be performing a live version of their stellar The Infamous album at the New York jazz club, Blue Note. The duo will be accompanied by the nine-piece band, Phony Ppl. The show is set to debut on April 12 and 13, 2016.

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Havoc and Prodigy, who are now on tour couldn’t be more excited for this. Production wise, Havoc is eager for the live rendition and seeing it come to life. “The idea of hearing a live band re-create the music that I brought to life in a studio is definitely exciting,” Havoc says. “And for that to take place at such a legendary venue in our home.”

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Prodigy in particular has strong ties to jazz because of his grandfather, Budd Johnson and great uncle Keg Johnson’s involvement in the genre; as contributors to the Bebop era of jazz.

“I come from a very strong musical background,” Prodigy said. “My grandfather and my uncle were jazz players. My mom was a member of female R&B group The Crystals back in the 60’s. Live music has been part of my family for generations. Grandpa would be so proud. I am sure he will be clapping from up above.”

In addition to the shows, a live version of the album will also be available later this year. Tickets for the show can be purchased on