The NBA Has Concerns About A North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law


The NBA recently released a statement last night (Mar. 24), which criticizes the signed North Carolina House Bill 2. The bill is basically being used to prevent cities all over North Carolina from passing anti-LGBT laws, Deadspin reports. Because of the new ordinance, the NBA is questioning whether or not Charlotte will be hosting the 2017 NBA All-Star game.

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“The NBA is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all who attend our games and events,” the NBA stated. “We are deeply concerned that this discriminatory law runs counter to our guiding principles of equality and mutual respect and do not yet know what impact it will have on our ability to successfully host the 2017 All-Star Game in Charlotte.”

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The bill was passed in response to a recent anti-discriminatory ordinance that was passed in Charlotte, which prevents businesses from discriminating against lesbian, gay and transgender consumers. Also, among other rights, it allows transgender people to use the bathroom assigned to their preferred gender identity. Originally, this ordinance was supposed to go into effect on April 1. But since the House Bill 2 was passed, it’s suspended until further notice.

The NBA’s pushback on possibly hosting the All-Star games in North Carolina essentially puts more pressure for the state legislature to repeal the legislation. Also, other large corporations like Google, PayPal, Dow Chemical and American Airlines who have offices in NC, have expressed their distaste for the law as well. The NCAA have said they are placing a watchful eye on the situation.

Last year, the NCAA joined forces with similar corporations in protesting against an anti-gay law in Indiana. Ultimately, that law was overturned. The NFL have also gone against discriminatory laws. This past weekend they said that if Georgia passes a considered anti-gay bill, the Falcons won’t be allowed to host the Super Bowl. What are your thoughts about the NBA and NFL’s recent boycott against anti-LGBT discriminatory laws? Sound off below.

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