This Lawyer’s 40-Tweet Story Perfectly Explains How The Legal System Fails Black Youth


Former computer scientist turned criminal defense attorney T. Greg Doucette was pissed! He was too through with the legal system for which he’s a presiding officer and simply couldn’t let this one case roll off his shoulders. So, the North Carolina resident rolled up his sleeves and let his Twitter fingers do the talking.

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In a 40-Tweet firestorm, Doucette spoke in detail about how one cop’s version of events could’ve landed a 17-year-old black teen in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. With the help of savvy mother and Doucette, this story thankfully has a happy ending but the plot is all to familiar for black men in the United States.

“This is what police brutality looks like,” Doucette Tweeted

It’s story time ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy!