The 1994 O.J. Simpson Trial Will Re-Air On Television In An All Day Special

Thousands of viewers have tuned in to FX’s hit limited-series, American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson since its debut earlier this year. The program revisits Simpson’s 1994-95 murder trial, but from the perspective of the legal teams and the jury. Now, you’ll be able to view the entire real-life case next month.

According to Variety, a program titled The Real O.J. Simpson Trial will air on April 3 on the Esquire Network. The show will premiere in a marathon spanning 12 hours, and features pertinent testimonies, and the verdict that stunned the world.

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On the subject of portraying Simpson, actor Cuba Gooding Jr. revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he refused to meet with the 68-year-old to get an understanding of his demeanor.

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“He was the O.J. Simpson whom everyone loved, not just an athlete but a movie star. And in that cage, he’s a broken man,” he said. “Now if I did a movie about O.J. Simpson in jail, I would do everything I could to sit with him and get into his mindset today, but I wanted to understand who he was when this crime happened.”

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On the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, Gooding also shared that after one certain day of filming he broke down. “I went to my trailer and I couldn’t stop crying because I never [even considered the loss] for the Goldman or Brown family,” he said.

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