Rosario Dawson Slams Legendary Civil Rights Activist Dolores Huerta


Back in late February, legendary labor leader and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta penned a striking article on Medium criticizing presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ inconsistencies on immigration reform. In it, she points to Sanders’ faults and attempts to make a case for Hillary Clinton’s track record, singing her praises all the while.

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“Hillary Clinton has realistic plans to pass comprehensive immigration reform and go farther than even President Obama has gone,” she states. “Now that Bernie has shown up on the scene, I want to hear?—?and I think Latino voters deserve to hear?—?specifically how he plans to get his vast-and-various plans through to make the progress that immigrant families so urgently need. Because if one thing’s for sure, it’s that our communities can’t wait for empty promises that can’t be kept.”

Hollywood actress and Voto Latino co-founder Rosario Dawson took to the pages of Huffington Post to rebuttal in an open letter to Huerta. A seemingly frustrated Dawson points out Huerta’s discrepancies, highlighting the many factors left out about both Candidate Sanders and Clinton in detailed bullet points and visual chart.

“Hillary Clinton’s track record goes directly against what you and every other activist before and after you has fought for: the rights of the people based on the Declaration of Independence and the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” she writes. “Those are principles that Hillary did not uphold when taking away American citizens’ freedom by voting for the Patriot Act, twice; by not treating all men as equal when going against same-sex marriage until 2013; and when she sold out her own citizens by taking money from lobbyists and promoting the rise of the private prison complex. This has led to modern-day slavery for the impoverished, and especially forLatino and African American communities. She has put corporations and special interest groups before the people of this great country by voting to bail out banks and not her constituents. She does not uphold the sanctity of life when endorsing wars, condoning fracking or the death penalty.”

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Dawson poignantly reminds us that even our heroes/heroines are subject to disappoint us by admitting that she is “surprised, dismayed, and concerned that you would do your legacy such a disservice by becoming an instrument of the establishment.”