The Midas Touch: Stephen Curry’s Sneaker Sales In The U.S. Are Insanely High

Stephen Curry continues to break records while on the court during regulation, but in the business sector, the Golden State Warrior is also stomping out the competition when it comes to sneaker sales.

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According to Quartz, Curry’s signature Under Armour sneaker line has substantially assisted in the sportswear brand’s revenue, amounting up to $1.7 billion across all consumer platforms. That outstanding figure increased Curry’s influence over the basketball sneaker realm stateside in comparison to his contemporary, LeBron James. A greater amount of sneakers are being sold under Curry’s likeness than King James’ Nike footwear partnership, an occurrence that financial outlet, Morgan Stanley, analyzed.

“UA’s signature Stephen Curry basketball shoe U.S. business is already bigger than LeBron, Kobe and every other player except Michael Jordan,” the firm reports. The company also states that due to Under Armour’s more affordable sneaker line — which retails around $130 — also speaks to their success of being able to sell the shoes, namely the Under Armour Curry 2, at a faster rate.

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The analysts at Morgan Stanley also pointed to another reason for Under Armour’s edge over the competition. “Or it could be a tipping point signaling the end of Nike’s basketball dominance. If the latter is true or Curry becomes the next Michael Jordan, our call might wrong [sic] no matter what UA does in women’s apparel or running footwear.”

Either way, Curry continues to win in life on and off the court. Check out Curry’s footwork when the Golden State Warriors take on the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday (Mar. 6).