Tank Says Tyrese Doesn’t Want To Split TGT’s Money Equally, Tyrese Responds


When Tyrese first announced that his R&B supergroup with Tank and Ginuwine would be calling it quits, the singer alluded to the possibility that TGT would continue on without the man responsible for the “G” in its name. In an Instagram announcement, the singer/actor claimed that their “history and mutual respect” would make it difficult for Tank and himself to find a new third member.

“We have been forced to try to look into someone else,” he wrote. “Or me and T just might do it solo…. The reason it worked is because of our history and mutual respect….. I don’t know I’m just shocked and disappointed that I’m even putting up this post…..”

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Now, it seems Ginuwine is not the only part of the TGT acronym that has a problem with Tyrese. In a recent interview with TMZ, Tank was probed about whether the group would patch things up, and he gave a doubtful reply, sharing that a certain member was unwilling to share the profits evenly.

“Tyrese still doesn’t wanna split the money equally, so we’re done,” he told the camera.

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Catching wind of the commentary, Tyrese offered a reply on Instagram, posting a meme that reads “Guess who ain’t gotta explain s**t to nobody.” In the caption, Tyrese also offered to set up a playdate between his and Tank’s daughters. He topped his clapback off with a video to the tune of Drake’s “Back To Back.”

Peep below:

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