Watch As This Teen Pulls Off The Most Romantic And Elaborate Promposal Ever


It’s officially Spring, which means warm weather is approaching and if you’re a high school junior or senior, you’re making arrangements for prom season. If you’re already boo’d up, then you and yours simply need to decide what colors you’ll both wear, but if you’re single then the pressure is on.

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One young man wasn’t willing to opt for the typical ask-a-girl-to-prom song and dance. This high school student, who goes by the Twitter handle @Global_Greg, spared no expense when setting in motion his promposal.

With the help of what appears to be the entire student body, Greg had students, like clockwork, all release banners that spelled the word prom. As Beyonce’s “1+1″ played, Greg then emerged from a makeshift box holding a bouquet of flowers. As he walked on what looks to be a red carpet to meet his chosen one, he then got down on knee and asked the curly-hair cutie to be his date for prom. Overcome with happiness, shock and emotion she said yes! The two then hugged and kissed while the everyone cheered them on.

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The promposal was more elaborate then most wedding proposals, but legit left us teary eyed. Watch it all play out below. You did good, greg. You did good.

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