‘Underground’ Tells The Gripping Stories Of American Slavery & The Abolitionists


American history may never be looked at the same by television viewers after Underground makes its debut on March 9. WGN’s forthcoming slave drama is one of the most powerful shows set to debut this year.

Writers Misha Green and Joe Pokaski created a storyline that gives human faces to the revolutionaries of the Underground Railroad — and the abolitionists that helped slaves find their way to freedom. The characters and stories that viewers will encounter on this show, signify the courage, hope and honor that slaves put on the line as they fought to make it to the next day.

Under of the direction of Anthony Hemingway, the provocative series introduces a variety of individuals forced to interact with each other due to their circumstances. House slaves, slave masters, freedom fighters, field slaves — we’ll meet everyone who had a role during this devastating time period.

The cast includes familiar faces like Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Aldis Hodge, Jessica de Gouw, Alano Miller, Christopher Meloni, Amriah Vann and much more. Underground encompasses the many life stories that our history books today do not include.

During a recent press day in L.A., VIBE spoke to various cast members and the creative team about what it was like to help bring a much needed dose of realness to American society.

Click through the gallery ahead to hear from Underground’s riveting cast.