Wendy Williams’ Son Walked In On Her Giving Her Husband A “Favor”

If you’ve ever walked in on your parents having sex, hopefully the co-pay for your therapy session aren’t too bad. The emotions that overcome any child can be an amalgamation of shame, terror and disgust. And then the next day at the dinner table you have to pretend you didn’t see what you saw ,and figure out how to strategically never make eye contact with either one of your parents ever again.

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Well, that could be what Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams teenage son endured after he walked in on her and her husband. During a sit-down with late night talk show host Conan O’Brien, O’Brien inquired about Williams 15-year-old, and asked what kind of mom she is, which then veered the conversation into the rules of the Williams’ household.

“I’m loose in some ways, and up tight in others. Like, we don’t close doors in our house. There is no need for him to be in his room with the door closed,” Williams said, which O’Brien, remembering his days as a 15 year old staunchly disagreed with.

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“I get it,” Williams, 51, said. “But here’s the deal: we walk hard in our house, or we’re clearing our throats, that’s the warning sign that ‘here I come!’ You just don’t tiptoe to somebody’s room. I respect him. When I come to see his room, you hear it. Or I’m ‘ahem ahem Kevin, here I come’ and I walk slow to give him a chance to clean up, and we don’t close our doors either, but if you walk in on me and my husband, you’re going to get a surprise.”

The surprise Williams details happened when Kevin was 13 years old, and as she describes it, “he walked in on me giving my husband a favor.”

(“Favor” that’s what we’re calling it these days)

“Well, he didn’t hear anything and saw the TV. Then he looked and what do you think we did?” Williams questioned. “Continued!”

Watch the video below to find out what happened the next day when Williams attempted to give her son a hug and kiss.