Someone Asked Xzibit To “Pimp Their Ride” On Twitter, And Got A Rude Awakening


Word to the wise: Xzibit is over and done with his hit MTV series, Pimp My Ride. The rapper/former television star gave a quick (and not very nice) answer to a Twitter user who made a reference to the car remodeling reality show on Saturday (Mar. 19). After being asked, “Can you pimp my ride,” Xzibit declined the request, and offered an alternative:

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Last year, an expose by The Huffington Post reported that Pimp My Ride was all a sham. Speaking with former participants on the show as well as a former executive producer, the news site revealed that the fantasy of tricked-out vehicles were just that: fantasies. While cars were made to look cool on the outside, they very rarely operated well after they were pimped. It was also revealed that contestants’ reactions to their new vehicles were staged, and that some of the “pimped out” featured were removed from cars after the show’s taping.

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After shutting down the “pimp my ride” request, another Twitter user scolded Xzibit, asking why he wasn’t “gracious” to his fans. The rapper called the fan a “troll,” and advised his critic to mind their business:

Welp. That’s it for today’s lesson boys and girls: don’t ask Xzibit to pimp your ride. Ever.

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